Health Meets Heart.

Use Food To Fuel Your Passion.

Where Health Meets Heart

The Health:

Food is healing. To truly be able to live your best life you need to feel your best and this is where the “health” meets “heart”. When empowered with the proper wellness tools, habits and resources individuals begin to live a healthy and mindful lifestyle without sacrificing the “heart”.

The Heart:

Food is so much more than just a form of energy for the body. Food is family. Food is celebration. Food is community. Food is culture. Food is love.

Health meets Heart Holistic Nutritional Consulting understands the importance of food not only for living a healthy life but for how it impacts all areas of life.

While food is our focus, we understand that everything in life effects your well-being. This is why we take a holistic approach with our clients by addressing nutrition as well as other areas of their lifestyle.

The founder Lawson developed Health meets Heart Holistic Nutritional Consulting after many years of hardship and frustration related to her own journey with food. As she began to heal, she began to understand the connection between healing of the heart and healing of the body through proper nutrition and lifestyle.


One-on-one Consultations:

Personalized assessment and consulting on current nutrition and lifestyle habits. Customized dietary recommendations and full meal plans. As well as lifestyle adjustments and recommendations.

After Initial consultation a weekly one hour follow up session is recommended followed by weekly half-hour session check- ins.

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In-Home Package:

Individualized menu or meal plan. Pantry make-over. Assisted grocery shopping. 1-2 in-home recipe cooking demonstrations.

Food storage and preparation information.

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Seminars, Speaking Engagements And Work Shops:

Customized workshop geared toward specific nutrition and lifestyle needs and recommendations for careers in the entertainment industry.

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“Lawson is one of the most knowledgeable, healing, and nurturing souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Lawson is one of the most knowledgeable, healing, and nurturing souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she work with you to heal your body and reach its optimal health goals, but in the process you learn how to be gentle and kind to yourself and your temple. Every meeting with her I learn something new about health, hormones, and how the body functions…She has a deep pool and wide range of knowledge that will be sure to help you live the healthiest life for you. 


“Health Meets Heart has revolutionized the way I see nutrition and its rapport with my health.”

Lawson Greyson is an extraordinary nutritionist. Her vast knowledge of all things nutrition paired with her compassionate and kind personality makes Health Meets Heart an embracing and uplifting place to be. With Health Meets Heart I was able to understand foods and diets, learn what is best for my body, and take targeted action towards feeling my best. Lawson created specialized food plans for me that worked around allergies and preferences and gave me solutions to issues that had been affecting me for years. With her program I began feeling amazing while approaching food and nutrition in general in a new and positive light. Health Meets Heart has revolutionized the way I see nutrition and its rapport with my health. Not only does Lawson approach Health Meets Heart with professionalism and skill, but also with compassion and kindness. I am so grateful for everything Lawson has helped me accomplish in regards to my health and better comprehension of nourishment and wellness. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Lawson and cannot recommend her enough!


“Highly recommend”

Lawson was great at listening to my goals in nutrition and everyday life, she knew how to best curate a meal plan and or a nutritional diet that best fit my needs all while analyzing how I already ate to see what to improve upon. She’s super knowledgeable in the field and it shows through her coaching, I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve upon their everyday health! .